Annianka Mua'Zathra
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Annianka
Faction Alliance
Race Human
Gender Female
Class Priest
Guild Tamarack Order
IC Info
Nicknames Anni, Annie
Age 34
Height 5'2"
Hair Red
Eyes Amber
Alignment Neutral


Sacrifices have been made, battles fought and won. She may have slipped a bit, or so she will tell you, yet in the end she choose to keep her promises and given up her demons and Fell magic. She now follows the Light...mostly.


She is a lot more hesitant now, laughs less and spends more time alone than she ever did as a Warlock. She'll offer a faint smile and the Lights blessing to those that ask yet over all she remains distant.


  • She can usually be found reading or fishing alone.
  • Annie has an irrational fear of mechanical chickens.
  • If anyone spends some time with her, they will realize that she is extremely klutzy, often tripping/falling over and occasionally mispronouncing spells when flustered.


Dannuta Forester - Mother. Priest, Undead / Death Knight. *
Avaros Mua’Zathra - Father. Mage, High Elf ** , deceased.
Jeva Forester - Half-sister. Paladin, missing in Duskwood.
Ruthger Forester - Step-father. Paladin, trainer in Theramore.***