Basic InformationEdit

  • Full Name: Asmodoues Stormsong
  • In-Game: Asmodoues
  • Nickname: Asmo
  • Alignment: True Neutral

  • Guild: Attorney at Law (OOC)
  • Title: Attorney General
  • Race: Night Elf
  • Class: Druid
  • Professions: Herbalism and Alchemy

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Age: Several milennia
  • Sex: Male
  • Hair: dark blue
  • Eyes: his remaining eye is a glowing gold.
  • Weight: 250 pounds
  • Height: 7'3"
  • Garments/Armor: Robes, or a tunic and kilt.
  • Forehead: large antlers have grown from his forehead.


Asmo is a lunatic. He's random and chaotic, and frequently seems to be an utter degenerate. He can occasionally be insightful and act as though he is both entirely sane and very competent, but these times seem few and very far between to any who have known him.


One of the original students of Cenarius, Asmo has been a master of the druidic arts for millenia. A loner by nature, he fell into obscurity as the elven elite turned their attentions to sorcery and the whisperings of Sargeras. He was far from the center of elvish affairs as war broke out between Malfurion and the twisted Azshara, and had no part in it. After the sundering of the land, he spent many years aiding the Azotha, a race that had been nearly destroyed by the cataclysm.

When the Azotha eventually became the humans and created the Empire of Strom, Asmodoues set aside his furtive guardianship and retreated into what is now Elwynn forest, where he spent decades refining his druidic powers to a level few druids achieve. When he felt he had reached the limits of what he could achieve on his own, he traveled to Caer Darrow, where he studied with the High Elven druid magi, and helped created the Runestone.

When Gul'dan attacked Caer Darrow, Asmodoues was able to escape- unlike the high elven druids, he was capable of shapeshifting, and easily slipped past the orcish lines. In grief over the slaughter of those he called friends, Asmodoues carved out a primitive Barrow Den and slipped into the Emerald Dream.

He rested there for a time, only to be discovered by the Nightmare. Although his time in that unknown thing only lasted for a blink of an eye to the outside world, there was no such comfort in the Nightmare. Tortured by a limitless power that possessed limitless cruelty for an eternity, he was driven mad. He fled from the Dream in a mindless panic, and wandered the lands as a drifting lunatic.

Eventually, he came to the city of Stormwind, where he wandered for months. He soon met June the Bonny and Shame, a pair of warlocks who were amused by his insanity. Their friendship provided a link to reality Asmodoues desperately needed, and he eventually came to grips with his sanity- for the most part.

When the Emerald Dream called Asmodoues back, he fled with Shame and Byron Langley, June's husband, to the Outlands- they were pursuing Byron's succubus, who had stolen their child's latent magical potential. Asmodoues's escape was brief, however, and he soon returned to Azeroth to confront his responsibility.

Having made a bargain with Ysera to attone for his abandonment, he is now missing an eye, and seems slightly different than before.

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