Bloodhoof Clan
Faction Horde
Guild Type PvE
RP Level
Size Multi-Guild
Guild Master Kormok, Anathemah, Rohanaj
Contacts Kormok, Anathemah, Rohanaj
Website Link
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The MissionEdit

Bloodhoof Clan is a multi-guild Horde raiding coalition on Earthen Ring (US). Originally formed by Anathemah of Tears of Draenor, Bloodhoof Clan quickly grew to encompass many guilds and individuals. Bloodhoof Clan is primarily a PvE group, focusing on "casual raid progression". Using a combination of a low-stress environment and a large pool of like-minded individuals, Bloodhoof Clan slowly-but-surely progresses through the endgame raid content of The Burning Crusade.

The GuildsEdit

While Bloodhoof Clan does sport a large number of "freelance" individuals, its core memberbase lies in its member guilds. They include...

  • Tears of Draenor
  • War Stomp and Run
  • Eclipse
  • Von Kaelston Manor
  • Drunken Monkey Brewery
  • Thunderhorn Warparty

The TeamsEdit

Bloodhoof Clan's progression is handled by its various "teams". Originally named solely after various Australian marsupials, the teams began branching out as the list of marsupials grew thin.

  • Team Echidna: Led by Rohanaj, Echidna is a Veteran Karazhan run with multiple full clears under its belt.
  • Team Wombat: Led by Kormok, Wombat is a Veteran Karazhan run with multiple full clears under its belt. It is also the default name for weekend progression runs into Serpentshrine Cavern, The Eye, and Mt. Hyjal
  • Team Wallaby: Led by Kormok, Wallaby is a "Trainer" Karazhan run focused on getting new recruits experience and equipment.
  • Team Serenity: Led by Anathemah, Serenity is a Zul'Aman group with both Veteran and Trainer runs. Serenity has cleared to Zul'jin.
  • Team Drop Bear: Led by Etar, Drop Bear is a "Marathon Heroics" group that runs when it wants to, if at all. We're not too sure about this one, to be quite honest. We think there's booze involved.
  • Team Rawr: Led by Brawwrr, Rawr was started as a Monday night raid to clear Karazhan for anyone in BHC who was not able to make a raid earlier in the week and was also for the gearing up of alts.

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