Sky Captain Braegh Tae'dredge is the leader of the Dwarven station of Anvilmar, first cousin to the late Kurdran Wildhammer and Dwarven hero of the battle of Grim Batol.


Braegh Tae'dredge ranks as one of the most prestigious Dwarves in War history. Not a god among men, quite lower, he ranks highly in Dwarvish military standings. Known mostly for his doings at the Battle of Mount Hyjal, he has been alive and fighting through the second and third wars.

Military CommendationsEdit

  • Awarded for slaying Anetheron at the Battle of Mount Hyjal
  • Awarded for the capture and execution of Cho'gall at the Gates of Sargeras
  • Awarded for outstanding bravery at the Battle of Grim Batol
  • Awarded for swift Gryphon Flight to aid the Bronzebeard Clan during the War of the Three Hammers
  • Awarded for assistance in the cleansing of Grom Hellscream
  • Awarded for the Slaughter at Green Peak, when the Naga seemed to flood the very ocean itself
  • Awarded for the capture of Mal'Ganis, though he freed himself and fled to Northrend


Braegh stands as the current Lord of Anvilmar, and as well a leader of the Frost Furrs, an elite band of Dwarves and Humans.

Frost FurrsEdit

Frost Furrs, or the F.F., are known as a group of skirmish lords, residing near Anvilmar.

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