Power Views by


Chaos Rune
Dark "They'd lock the world in a box if they


Chaos "We know what freedom really means."
Light "Sounds pretty, but their perfect world

would bore me to tears."

Arcane "Give them a job and watch them go!

You can get 'em to do anything."

Elements "Wind? Water? Fire? Sounds like a


Nature "When the dust settles, it's these guys

that rebuild and clean up. Tenacious.

Chaos is a concept used in the Order of Powers and Radiating Powers Model described as a power fundamental to the existence of the universe. Guilds and groups may invoke the principles of Chaos to guide and/or justify their actions.


"You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star."
--Friedrich Nietzsche

Chaos is often one of the more misunderstood powers of the Radiating Powers Model. This is likely of little surprise, for the casual observer could easily associate wild, destructive and unpredictable events that change their environments with little or no warning to Chaos. The addled minds of the mad could also be attributed to consumption by chaotic tenancies.

The power of Chaos according to the Radiating Powers Model is a complete lack of order. Chaos is chance and deviation from norms. Random events occur because of Chaos and without the spontaneity of the power the universe would likely not exist at all--existence would be static, stagnant, and plain. Within nearly every soul there is a spark of Chaos which prompts many positive traits, including creativity, inspiration, and the ability to achieve individuality; however, there are negative extremes of a complete lack of forethought, insanity, etc.

The opposite of pure Chaos is the order instituted by pure Light and Dark. While those that follow the strictest doctrines of Chaos welcome the potential changes their power encourages, those of Dark and Light often fear the uncontrollable aspects and seek to minimize or eliminate such wild elements.

Examples of Stereotypical Chaos FollowersEdit

  • Explorer
  • Gambler
  • Inventor
  • Mad Wizard/Scientist
  • Mercenary
  • Psychopath
  • Thrill-seeker

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