Physical AppearenceEdit

Hailing from the lost Echo Isles, Cliiudh holds the tigeristic form of the anchient Tigon race. Wielding a spear crafted from the skulls of Zalazane's victims, he grins wolfishly at any passerby to his sanctum.


Cliiudh Mandrake, swinging his famed spear.


Mandrake makes hold deep within the Jungles of Stranglethorn, consumed in his own worship of the Bloodgod Hakkar. To this day he still sacrifices any Humanoid with the unluck to cross his domain. His lair consists of a large grotto, where his weapons, bodies, and artifacts are kept. He is quite the packrat.

Brief HistoryEdit

In the days of Troll Wars, one Troll was held above all others in the Atal'ai kingdom. Known only as Cludh Vanti'er, he was a Warlord of extreme renown.

A day came to pass when his wife, Jemchi (Sh-em-ch-ee) birthed a young male. A witch living in the nearby Swamp took notice of this, and appeared at the residence of Warlord Vanti'er, in the disguise of a great Trollish Berserker. She challenged him to a duel - if he defeated her, he would take her honor, and none else. If she defeated him, she would take his child.

Being of extreme arrogance, he agreed. He quickly learned this was no ordinary berserker. The witch flung him down, easily defeating him, then returning to her Murlokian form. When asked for the child, he plunged his spear deep into her heart.

As her breath faded, she put a curse upon the Troll, casting him away from his fellows with the harsh fur and features of the very creature they hunted. In a horrible rage, he slaughtered his wife, son, and the neighboring village. He built a boat, and rowed for two months, finally arriving on the Echo Isles with those who accepted him.

No one knows why he came back.

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