The Dagger and orb of Shadows (Lost) Edit

Crafted during the Fall of Lorderan by a powerfull Necormancer under the comand of Kel-Thuzad These Two Artifacts Were created to amplify the power of Shadow Magic. They were lost though when the Alliance began to fight back and were rediscoverd by Saphirna Ayls in the war torn plague Lands ten years after their loss. (Due the the mystery surrounding Saphirna's time there we do not know the circumstances of the Artifacts discovery.) According to rumor Saphrina passed on the Dagger to her Apprentice Asheran but she has the Daggers Brother, The Orb of Shadows, as the top of her staff. It is beleived that the Orb alone can double ones ability to weild the Shadows while the Dagger is slightly weaker.

Recent News- The Dagger, misplaced by its owner has fallen into obscurity, though it should be noted that Saphrina Ayls has a dagger much like it currently.

The Orb. Destroyed by the Demon Lord Tavion just before he was killed by Saphrina Ayls. Location of destruction is the cellers of the cathedral of light.

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