A Druid's Musings

-by Veleda

((This is a reposting of some IC poetry, for posterity. *grin*))

The DruidEdit

I am daughter to the west wind. 
I am sister to the towering trees. 
I am mother to the fires within. 
I call the laughing waves friend. 
I am student to all creation. 
I am keeper of the delicate balance. 
I am protector of plant and creature. 
Nature calls me soldier and servant. 
I am daughter of peaceful Elune. 
I am dream of the Dreamer, Ysera. 
I am granddaughter of the Earthmother, 
I call Cenarius Shan'do and friend. 
I am teacher of nature's wisdom. 
I am healer of all the world's wounds. 
I am peacekeeper amid the chaos. 
The world calls me guardian, Druid. 


A bright blossom dances in the wind's caress, 
Spreading strong seed far and wide, 
Flower and creature alike, thrive in the verdant peace, 
The earthmother smiles, as the sun shines warm. 
A proud rose, ravaged by a sudden gale, 
Petals crushed under the feet of conquest, 
Thorns feed in the blood spilt in the name of expansion, 
The earthmother rages as the war drums roll. 
A fragile flower, caught in a summer's breeze, 
Sheds shimmering tears of morning dew, 
A lonely mourner, as it seems all have forgotten, 
The earthmother fades as her children fight on. 
A whispering wind, stirs a soft mound of earth, 
So carefully built by gentle hands, 
A tiny seed holds a souls hope for healing, 
A tender druid's balm, for the earthmother's wounds.

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