Dwarven Ale Purity

Rejold Barleybrew

Rejold Barleybrew, proud brewer of Shimmer Stout

Basic InformationEdit

  • Moderate to Heavy RP
  • Type of RP: Politics, World travel (to brewers and taverns), Heavy drinking
  • Level Requirment: None
  • Class requirment: None
  • How to get in on the RP ICly: The law, once proposed, can be considered public knowledge. Tavern owners, brewers and what not could be expected to be very aware of the law, once passed.


What is more sacred to a Dwarf than ale?! There are so many 'pretenders to the throne' that is Dwarven ale that the good names of our own brews are at risk! It is high time for Dwarves to take back and protect the good name, and full, hoppy flavor, of our birthright brews.

Important NotesEdit

'Freshness Date': Storyline initiated in February 2007

We'd like to encourage folks to participate in this storyline! We are very open to how this progresses but would encourage folks to post news here as well as the ER Forums.

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