The Effects of Druidic Magic Upon Kaldorei Anatomy
and other facts

- by Errik von Lossart III


As the premier scientist of our group, I have been conducting a series of experiments upon Kaldorei slaves I purchased via the Goblin Cartels.

Firstly. As we know, the Kaldorei are a race that has had no direct control of Arcane energy for quiet some time. By Arcane, I of course mean the energies drawn directly from the Well of Eternity. Any other forms of power fall under different catagories.

Instead, the Kaldorei have manipulated what I term 'the Aspect Force'. I call it this, because it is my theory that the font of the Druid's power is not directly from Azeroth, but rather from the powers of the Dragon Aspects, Alexstrasza and Ysera to be exact. However, that is, as I've said, a theory. But on to the meat of my report.

Firstly, as demonstrated in subject A upon her vivisection, the kaldorei have gained a rather odd metabolism, their hearts beating a tad bit slower than normal. I theorize this was an effect of Nozdromu's blessing more than the Aspect Force. I believe this to be more pronounced in males, who would have an ability to stop their metabolism all together, or perhaps just lower it to a near-death state to facilitate their lengthy hibernations. This can be seen in any of the Druids during their forays into the Emerald Dream.

Second, the Kaldorei have gained enhanced senses of touch, sight, and smell, provided to them, I theorize by Alexstrasza, the Lifegiver. They have also, as we all know, the ability to vanish from sight at will, something undocumented as a racial ability untill after Azshara's fall and the Sundering. Thus I attribute its appearance to the manipulation of the Aspect Force and Druidic magic.

Third, the hair and skin of the Kaldorei has remained unique, while the Highborn have since changed, in physical stature as well as appearance. Their hair still ranges from blue to green; very plant-like colors. As well, their skin still remains a dusky purple to pink shade, mirroring their once land of perpetual starlight. Since Kalimdor's opening to the Horde, and the destruction of a great many of their forests, they still retain this coloration. Again, something I attribute to the restorative properities of the Aspect Force.

Though far from complete, my studies point towards these conclusions; the Kaldorei have been altered by the use of their magics. One can see this clearly in the examples of Malfurion, who has grown horns due to his command of the Aspect Force. One could assume that if it is continued, the Kaldorei will attain either more draconic, or more 'natural' features. However, this is, again, pure speculation.

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