First apologies if neccessary to the one who might want them. Like Silver's post this is one possible future.

Meeting of Two

-by Drahliana

It had come down to this. They had known each other at a distance for years although they had not spoken directly until this moment. Around them battle raged, although by gesture and command the confederates of each had cleared away from them, some to fight their own battles others to watch in fascination. Both were scarred, worn, each had been wounded in this battle and they both showed it. The orc showed more visibly the signs of age, but even the night elf had faint traces of lines in her face, something not expected for someone as young as she was by the terms of her race.

The Night Elf spoke first in Orcish. "This is what it comes down to. I can not think of anything to say." In her mind the events of the last years streamed like broken moonlight, the burning of Ogrimmar by the Humans, the poisoning of Teldrassil by the Forsaken, the deaths of Rangers she had trained and she had heard of the companions the other had lost.

The Orc replied in perfect Darnassian. "Of all the talk I've heard from your Alliance longears, your voice was one I held in honor. But blood calls to blood and so we meet here and now."

They stared at each other in silence. Than the roar of their companion beasts broke the tableau as they each aimed their bows at the other ... and fired.

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