The End

-by Elithe

Elithe looked over the balcony of a small wooden terrace, overlooking the glowing lake Elun'ara and sighing listlessly, resting his weight on his palms, shifting ever slightly to gaze at the burning sky.

How long has it been? How long since the Scourge destroyed Lorderan, thats when this all started, wasnt it? No... even further back.. when the orcs came through the portal? Even further... when a Kaldorei queen called out to the dark powers of the nether.

Did it matter anymore when this started?

"No, brother." the female Satyr beside him said. In the recent years, they had grown so close that they shared a sort of mental link. The Demon Huntress had once been Kaldorie, but it was not her path to stay that way. Everyone had made sacrifices, to prevent the en... no... to slow the inevitable.

"We willingly took up damnation to stop this... now what will become of this world... that we have failed, brother?" Elishtar questioned.

Elithe pursed his lips, thinking a moment, casting his eyes to the armies of men, orcs, elves, tauren... all to late. "The Old Gods have all arisen, and have summoned all the elemental Lords, Deathwing has come back, he leads the Black again and their Chromatic abominations, Arthas leads his army of death... turning all that fall, and the Legion marches... destroying all in their Crusade."

He paused, an audible silence.

"They will continue to fight each other, vying for control, until one reigns the victor. And we know which that will be..."

Elishtar quirked a brow "The Legion, brother? ...we could join them, you know. Illidian would welcome other demon hunters into the fold..."

Elithe thought a moment. Actually considering the thought, before shaking his head "No, Elisht...."

He paused, as he felt her felblade in his stomach, his eyes blinking in disbelief, his body shuddering slightly. She tore her blade from his abdomen, he looked at her, black tears streaming from eyes that had long been cut out. "Shed your mortal form, brother, be the Hunter again, and we will be masters of the universe."

Elithe shook his head, his knee collapsed, and his body fell slightly before she caught him.

"Please, my brother..."

Elithe's eyes filled with sadness, his lips pursed together slightly, then opened to speak, a cough came out instead.

"Elithe.... please..."

"Elish.... I am... a priest... "

"YOUR GODDESS IS DEAD, ELITHE!" She screamed, shaking him, her felfire eyes burning intensely as she tried desperately to make him see.

"I love you, Elishtar..."

She stopped shaking him. She looked at him, both their bodies still as stone. Moments passed, minutes, hours, before finally, she collapsed onto his long dead corpse, crying "You are the only one I have ever loved."

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