The End

-by Eriyne

(( begging forgiveness for my spelling. I have a learning disorder and haven't got a chance to run this through a spell checker))

The wind howled angrily as the cloaked, and hooded woman wandered into the dead town. Snow had piled up covering the woodpiles, that used to be dwellngs, as surely as the earth covers the newly dead. Furbolg used to live here. Eriyne wondered if they loved thier children for a moment.

Eriynr sighed. She had killed this villiage for trophies to deliver to the Timbermaw. She had been young then. The killings had yeilded her another slave. Power was like being kissed, but she was dry now. Wrung and tossed aside like a corn husk.

"It is time to go." she heard him say. Eriyne looked up with dimming eyes at the smiling figure of her husband. She had killed him when she was young."Come darling, it is time to go,"said Eriyne's husband. His smile grew more cruel then, and Eriyne saw her fate. Eriyne sighed, and took his hand. Togeather they walked into the door, upon which hangs the words which say, "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.".

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