(Alternate ending: Krangloth)

Promise Fulfilled

-by Krangloth

He was laughing. Laughing as he watched Orgrimmar burn. The smoke blotted out the sun. He was laughing. Orc, Troll, Tauren, and Forsaken were dying, being killed by the minions of the Shadow Council and several summoned demons. He reveled in it all. Krangloth was laughing.

At his side, his felhunter gorged itself on a fallen mage. His voice, his manner of speaking, had changed with his fall, his becoming lost.

Eat up, Kreegrym. I think you will finally have your fill today.

He grinned at the feasting felhunter.

Yes, many will fall for the Legion today.

He noticed two figures walking towards him, one fairly large and wide and another that was quite a bit smaller and thinner. He grinned as he realized who they were.

Well, well. If it isnt my old friends. Hello, Thog and Lersia.

Lersias face contorted in anger.

You betrayed us, Krangloth! You betrayed the clan and the Horde! Why?! Power?! Wealth?! Werent you the one that said that you would rather die than serve the Legion?!

His grin widened and sickened her.

My, my. Quite angry arent we? I suppose I should answer your question, though it will bring you no comfort. I serve the Legion, because I wanted to end it. This world is just too far gone. It was dying. I am simply helping its death be as quick and painless as possible.

Thogkresh looked at Kranlgoth with a fierce glare.

Worrrrld wassss not gooooing tooooo die! Will not die! Leeeegion will beeee deeefeeeated! Trrrruuuue Ka-rang wooould know theeeesss!

Krangloth laughed loudily.

You keep thinking that, Thog. Your ideas of hope, peace, and such were quite entertaining before. I admit that I had such notions before I realized the truth.

Lersia looked at Krang, her anger seemed to dissipate, confusing the orc.

Truth? I know something about truth. Some years back, an orc said that he would rather die than serve the Legion. Promised himself that he would do what he could to minimize the harm he could bring.

Two swords entered Krangloths back, exiting out his chest. A slight sorrow entered her voice.

A promise which has finally been fulfilled.

Krangloths body hit the ground. The last thing he saw was Thogkresh hugging Lersia and a massive army of the Horde approaching the still-burning Orgrimmar.

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