The End

-by Lenora

(( This is kinda the Game Over ending of Lenora's story. :P I always wanted to write this, haha.))

"I didn't...want the cure...Logain..I didn't want the damn cure! I wanted...I wanted you!"

She gripped her husband by the neck quickly, squeezing tightly. He felt light headed has he was brought to his knees, feeling bones creak in his body.

"L-Lenora....I..I'm sorry.."

"...Me too" she replied.

Behind Lenora, the towering Kel'Thuzad watched, arms folded.

"Kill him."

A simple snap was all it took. Lenora's eyes did not change as she watched herself kill him. The lifeless forsaken body soon slipped from her grasp onto the ground.

"Come, my child...your training to become a lich is complete...follow me to eternity..."

Lenora followed Kel'Thuzad off, returning only to destroy the fragments of her past.

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