The End

-by Rinnoa

She felt... everything. The world was laid open. Thoughts and dreams and feelings swirled around her like a never-ending whirlwind. It lifted her off her feet, and her succubus looked on wide-eyed. She tilted her head back, and began to laugh, an expellation of pure joy.

After several eternities, she sighed longingly.Now, I can rest. Now, I can sleep. Her goals accomplished, her life finished, she had but one piece of business left to her. Effortlessly, she summoned forth an imp, smart-mouthed Zeprot. The imp shifted uncomfortably, but took a bow anyway. "M'lady?"

She held up a single hand, forestalling any further comment. Effortlessly again, a task that would have broken the mind of a lesser warlock, she simultaneously brought forth dim-witted Grak'los, the voidwalker. It merely rumbled, and otherwise held its peace.

With a bloody noise, like tearing flesh, Greefum tore itself out of the shadows and stood beside the voidwalker. It snarled bestially, perhaps sensing its end approaching; long, grasping mana-tentacles shifted through the air trying to catch a scent.

Rinnoa grinned a cruel grin, and gently closed her fist. All four pets vanished in a blaze of demonic fire, their last screams, growls, and howls lost to the constant, eternal whisperings of a thousand stolen dreams.

And with that, she left her body, watched it crumple unceremoniously to the floor, and joined the voices, a guiding dream amidst the gibbering of a thousand thoughts.

Into eternity she soared. Of what she was searching for, none will ever say.

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