Once thought lost beyond finding through the vast junglular surface of the Echo Isles, the Eye of Zalazane has been gone for centuries. Owned at first by the great Troll witchdoctor Zalazane, it has recently been uncovered by a team of Explorers in Eastern Kalimdor.

How it Came to PassEdit

Zalazane and His EyesEdit

-Dating Before the Second War-

On a particularly gruling day of man-labor, Lord Zalazane of Echo had been calmly reading through anchient texts from the Splitskull Troggs. Lately he had been investigating more and more into these odd creatures, the word of them brought by sea from his shiping docks. Pictures and scrawls were inlaid into the heavy parchments, those of Troggs beating eachother to near death, and those of Trogg Kings from Khaz Modan.

Troll Headhunts

From Right to Left:Eingul the Silent, Degal Benjuai, Rohnda the Tiger

The subject of Khaz Modan, though, interested him even more. Even more so that he called for an elite band of Troll Headhunters to bring back a Dwarven Hammer-Lady. Hammer-Mistress Nhok Nadir was famed through the southern farms as being the most skilled weapons smith in the lands.


Zalazane does battle with Hammer-Lady Nhok Nadir.

On a cool winters day, all days were cool in Kalimdor, his headhunters returned with the first Dwarf to set foot upon Kalimdorian soil. Her gruff attire and short temper did not go well with the Trollish Witchdoctor, and so it came to pass that a great duel went between them, lasting four days and nights. Zalazane's Eye, which he had previously imbued with the remainder of his powers, rendering him useless in magical combat, was used against this poor Dwarf. The Hammer-Woman fell before she knew, and Zalazane crowned himself King of Khaz Modan. To himself, that was. Later that day as he strut around the island he lost his eye.

The Team of ExplorersEdit

Led by Gretchin S. Gidaine (S. at the time), a burly team of Dwarven Explorers set off to the Free-World of Kalimdor. Arriving one of the northern Echo Isles, that not of Zalazane, Gretchin uncovered the artifact. Upon further study and inspection, he found it to be to his liking. He now uses it for all sorts of evils.

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