From Night to Day (Saphrina's Tale)

- by Saphrina

The polished surface of the Cathedral of Light reflected the sun over Cathedral Square illuminating every shadow in sight as Saphrina Ayls glided through the gates at its southern most side. Saphrina muttered to herself as she usually did when something was on her nerves, and a blazing Booty Bay Cigarette was between her lips as if she would die if it left her. Saphrina held the cigarette with her left hand opposed to her dominant right in which the stub of was wrapped in a silken bandage. Her right hand had left her use in the most unusual of circumstances, these circumstances in fact were the reason she was here in the last place most would look for the former Heretic and Shadow priest. Saphrinas eyes glistened as she thought back to when she first realized her folly...

"Saphrina stood in her room at the Goldshire inn holding the decayed flesh that held her right hand together. Embracing the shadows about her she wove a tissue to hold the bones in place. Tears streamed down the womans pale face as she realized that in her excessive use of the Shadows and her forsaking of the light she had brought this upon herself."

...That day had been the day of reckoning for Saphrina; it had been the day she had realized that she would have the Light forced upon her no matter how hard she fought. Her hand was healing though an old friend had assured her of that, an old friend that by all means should have let her die. The strange substance under the bandage encasing the stub of her right hand was supposed to heal it, though the price, under different circumstances, might be too high. The substance would permanently destroy her ability to use shadow magic and in the process open her up to use of the Light once again.

Saphrina stepped hastily up the steps that led to the entrance to The Cathedral of Light; she would make a new beginning for herself in the service of the church She considered her available employment options and picked one out instantly, An Inquisitor of the Light was just about her speed and she had just the information on a certain Syndicate to help her rise in the ranks. The Syndicate of Shadows would be liberated and Saphrina, Inquisitor of the Light, would bask in the Lights glory

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