• Full Name: Garai
  • Race: Orc
  • Age: Unknown, No younger than 30
  • Sex: Male
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Weight: 347 lbs
  • Height: 6'7


Garai is of average stature and weight for an orc - large. His body is a mass of sinew, muscle, and weathered skin. His hair is matted and coarse, leaping from his head as if unsettled. His face appears sunken and gaunt, the lines of his skull pronounced. He behaves as if on the edge of violence at all times, visibly suppressing acts of brutality or vulgarity.


Little can be found of Garai's history; he is loath to speak of it, and is not usually found in the company of others. It is known that he entered Azeroth at the start of the second war. Testimony from members of the Warsong clan would suggest that he had once been among them, but for reasons unknown departed. It was also noted that he served under Grom Hellscream in the fateful battle against Cenarius. Whatever information the Warsong might produce, it is clear that Garai is poorly-remembered, and spoken of in negative terms.

Reportedly, Garai is a practicing shaman, though his disrespectful behavior and violent manner call this into question. He has not spoken of anyone who might have taught him the path of the spirits, and Horde instructors dislike him immensely. Observations made by the Frostwolf Clan and the Defilers of Arathi would suggest that he fights physically, without the use of spirit magic.

Recent SightingsEdit

Reports extracted from captured fel-orcs in Hellfire Peninsula and interrogated elves operating around the Tempest Keep would indicate that Garai has been encountered and appears to be utilizing spirit magic. While the nature of this utilization is ambiguous - seen in both elemental and physical enhancement forms - the effects are documented. Additionally, neutral parties surrounding and exploring the Zul'Aman ruin have reported dealing with Garai during several visits.

According to Horde scouts in the Barrens, Garai makes a weekly trek to fabled Dreadmist Peak, where he tends to a large signal fire in solitude.

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