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Hausopher Stormspire

In-Game: Hausopher

Title: The Forgotten

Vitals Edit

Race: Tauren

Class: Shaman

Professions: Enchanting, Blacksmithing

Age: Unknown

Sex: Male

Hair: Jet Black

Pelt: Jet Black

Eyes: Crimson

Weight: 550 lbs.

Height: 9'

Garments/Armor: Black Dragonscales

Personality Edit

Hausopher is what many would refer to as the classic example of dark and brooding. Though considerate, helpful, and endowed with an insurmountable sense of honor, he still regards others distantly. It seems extremely difficult to make him angry, or to make him love, though in general it is near impossible to tell what he is thinking at any time. Only on the very rare occassion will he truly reveal his thoughts and emotions. Something about him suggests that he is very old, but his appearance is anything but elderly. He will show respect to any that show respect to him, regardless of race, nevertheless he is also firm in his decisions, and he does not let his respect blind him to caution.

History Edit


Plagueland Dawn

Nothing is known of Hausopher's origins, except to himself of course. Those who know him only know the Tauren shaman that one day began accompanying them on their travels and tasks for the Horde. There is no record of him in the Thunder Bluff archives of lineage, and though the Grimtotem records are not accessible to most, Magatha Grimtotem claims that he is not found in their records either, nor is anything known of him.

Hausopher is known by his friends and allies as a dedicated shaman, and a loyal comrade. He is both an enchanter and a swordsmith, which some consider a rather odd combination. Regardless, he is at the height of skill in both, having the formulas and plans for many things, and some of a more unusual type. He has shown to be a great advocate of the Argent Dawn's efforts against the scourge, spending months out in the field in a campaign to eradicate various strongholds. He is also known to have a close relationship with various personages that are scattered about the world including Chromie in Anderhol and Itharius of the Swamp of Sorrows.

There are times when Hausopher has been known to disappear for days at a time without warning, and leaving no trace as to where he went. There are reports of him leaving for Tanaris, Feralas, or Shadowprey just before these unexpected journeys.

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