Honor, Death, the crossroads

-By Gruklas

The setting sun was on mine and my comrades back. A troll priestess by the name of Bryndl was my traveling partner. We were leaving the protection of Durotar behind. We had left the mighty city of Orgrimmar behind. The vision of the mighty Thrall fresh in our mind. The power of the orc and troll nation, the honor, the glory. We were ready for everything.

We crossed the bridge, heading for our destination of the Crossroads. Determined to help the citizens there out.

We took our time, marvelling at the different animals, the sight of the majestic mountains rising in the backgrounds, a scent of an oasis on the hot evening breeze. In the distance, a light thundering sound was droning on. And a dust cloud arose, heading in the general direction we were. We increased our pace, curious as to what this was.

The closer we got to The Crossroads, we began to hear noises. Screams, yells, pleas for help. We broke into a run, approaching the city. We soon discovered the cause. Strange creatures, to my eye, were assaulting the crossroads. We hurried in, bodies of our brothers and sisters littered the ground.

We cried to ourselves, why did they deserve to die, they were young, they were our people. We turned and in a rage threw ourselves at the invaders, and were promptly cut down. Wounded, bleeding, we retired to the inn. Confused as to who these strangers were, and why they would attack this outpost.

But answers soon we will have. Revenge will be ours as well.

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