Description Edit

Brother of Saphrina Ayls. He recently returned from his work with the Defias in Westfall. When he was seven he was supposedly killed by the Defias--in truth, he joined them.

Full Name: Ishmeal Walker Ayls

Nickname: Hard ass

Alignment: Syndicate of the Black Hand

Guild: Lemming Juice

Title: Bodyguard

Race: Human

Class: Warrior

Professions: None

History Edit

Ishmeal has never had an easy life. His mom and dad died when he was 14, having a massive effect on his personalilty and making him trust almost no one but Saphrina, the only member of her family left alive. She alone holds the keys to his past, but is unwilling to share her memories with him. Saphrina has an iron will over her older brother, bending him to do her deeds and employs him to be her body guard under the Black Hand. Over the months Ishmeal has found that the criminal life suits him and has now, by choice, joined his sisters' syndicate.

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