Isidora Duncan in Undercity

"When you lie in your bed at night, weighed down by the things you have done and the things you've yet to do, remember my name. Remember my offer." -Isidora

Basic Stats Edit

  • Full Name: Isidora Duncan
  • In-Game: Isidora
  • Nickname: Isi
  • Race: Forsaken
  • Profession: Representative of the Church.
  • Age: Appearance is early 30s
  • Sex: Female
  • Hair: Purple
  • Skin color: Green
  • Weight: 119 lb.
  • Height: 5'5"

Appearance Edit

Isidora makes no claim on beauty and one would be hard-pressed to suggest she was attractive, even when alive. She has sharp features, angular and intense, giving her a look that is at least "striking." Her neck is ringed by large, ungainly bruises which she seems very fond of. She dresses quite well in flowing, ceremonial robes and wears a symbol of the Church at all times.

Her smile is much like that of a crocodile. It is broad and very obvious and no doubt means harm.

Personality Edit

Isidora is very sympathetic to others' needs and will listen to their stories with relish. She is also very, very helpful. She wishes to be your friend, and will offer her services if you find yourself in trouble, for a negligible price, of course. She enjoys the fineries in life, good wine, extravagant delicacies, impressive clothing. She's opulent in a way that shows undeath has been quite good to her.

The Church Edit

The Church is a Forsaken organization, honoring the Dark Lady, attempting to create a world in which there is no sin. No foul acts. No grief.

Of course, until that is achieved, there is always Forgiveness. Forgiveness for any myriad of crimes. Forgiveness for the guilt in your heart. Forgiveness sanctioned by the Dark Lady, herself. Forgiveness that anyone can gain... for a price. And there is no one more forgiving than Isidora.

Contact Edit

Isidora peddles in eternal forgiveness, and a few minor, less wholesome businesses if they prove themselves lucrative. If you're interested in roleplay, by all means contact me by in-game mail.

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