Full Name: Jakka Mokreth

Game Name: Jakka

Guild: Errant Blight

Class: Warrior

Height: 6' 6"

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Professions: Blacksmithing and Mining

Physical DescriptionEdit

Jakka is a large, powerful young orc measuring in at nearly six and a half feet in height. Her brawny frame mixes well toned, smooth muscle with the shapely curves of her gender. Her sharply red eyes stand out against the murky green-brown of her skin, her dark hair represented by no more than a pair of 'handlebar' pigtails bound up by simple leather strips.

Her expressions are disciplined and firm, rarely leaving a sober seriousness. Markedly different is when she enters battle, at which time her eyes widen and an almost feral mien sets into her face. She's also given to shouts and outcries in battle, most unintelligible. She has a low, throaty voice and flinty tone and is given to harsh, boisterous laughs on those rare occasions that someone says something she finds amusing.


Jakka is a warrior and soldier at heart as much as in caste. She lives for the fight and the struggle and w ill readily charge into the thick of chaotic battle to deal death to her foes. Countering this wild aspect of her is a firm discipline, such that she will follow given orders to the letter, even in the midst of battle frenzy.


She is, in reality, Sooka's younger sister, though neither of them speaks of this fact. Nor would it be readily obvious as the two seem to have an unspoken antagonism lingering between them whenever they are together, which is a rare event.

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