Second Constitutional Letter to Azeroth and Kalimdor


These are the people who we may be cordial or at another's throats at any given time, by choice or circumstance. It is these people who may be our greatest allies, and our greatest burdens. Whether it be the spirits of our world, a great beast leading the charge, the bearers of our weight across the land, a paragon or champion, a beggar and a cheat, or a beloved arm of war, these comrades are for better, or for worse, useful. Eternal lonliness does not become us in the wilds, certainly, and perhaps less so in the crowded streets.

There is a certain need for comradarie in our lives, as ultimately social creatures. We can look to the cenarions for those who have endured among the longest of lengths in partial isolation, but even they must interact with their world and consequently those within it.

There is a certain amount of personal responsibility amongst all comrades, but most especially felt amongst the willing variety. Of the generalizations that could be made, I shall have to speak in quantity of the participants. Your pardon, reader, as it seems I grow more oblique in reaching my end.

Amongst two, there is the greatest flexibility, adaptability, and such. There is no one else to cause "sides" to be taken, by which one of its number may be placed in the minority.

When three are party, then the chance of making a minority becomes evident. These are still adaptable, but one might be singled out at any point, and lack the ease of duos.

Whenever three or more gather, the issues of personal duty, loyalty, affection, or disdain are very much more likely to split the group. The greater the number, the greater the quantity of the baggage that the participants bring. It does however, grant greater chances against an otherwise impossible foe if those within can be unified.

I am not one to advocate how one best should maintain or unify any group, partly because of my own inexperience at the task. However, I will say this: Let the common tempering strengthen you and mark your bond as the time passes. Even if one portion be hard and brittle as the point, may the softer steel allow flexibility to its peircing comrade. May the wielder use both to their advantages, and consequently take good care of that which has served so well.

May your own stand well, and durably so.

Her imperfect and unworthy, but sincere handmaiden,


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