A New Majority in Stormwind

A Public AnnouncementEdit

<A small letter is plastered to the wall as you walk by>

Citizens of Stormwind!

For too long the city has decayed among the corruption of inept leadership. Our poor King kidnapped those years ago would never have known the plight his disappearence has caused, but it is up to us to fix it for his son, may the Light bless him.

The Majority Party is a new political force that aims to lead our kingdom to strength and honor for his majesty. Led by the war veteran, now Baron of Eastvale, Baron Monroe we will revitalize Stormwind for protection, economics, and the persuit of happiness.

Rescently the esteemed Magistrate Siritihil Nightstone has resigned for party member Zancon Mon'Elvit. As Magistrate in a short amount of time he has begun to work on reforms that will help clean up the crime in this city.

We are currently arranging the arrival of a new guard unit, looked over by the good people and the laws our wise King once set forth. No longer will we be without guards or have corrupt law enforcement.

We have also begun making peace with different pirate organizations to assure that they no longer will harass the good people of our Kingdom but instead forcus their energies on the Horde and Demonic forces. This will improve commerce and regulate trade.

We will also begin implemeting sweeping reforms in Stormwind including the formation of Labor Unions to cut down on the Defias support and a plan to combat the recent outbreak of Worgen, a plan that should eliminate their presence in Stormwind.

Also we are planning Party sponsored events. All Party Members will be able to attend. These events are designed to relax the mind, strengthen the body, and instill knowledge of our history.

<Here, a slash interrupted part of the letter. In a few days after the slash, new posters with nothing after the previous paragraph are printed and reposted.>

Some of the signatory members of The Majority Party include ((*Have not joined IC yet. **Not publicly announced)):

  • House Nightstone
  • Dark Hearts of Azeroth
  • Circle of Bloodraven
  • Guardians of the Phoenix
  • Shadowed Hand**
  • Defias Renegade**
  • Scarlet Battalion
  • League of Nethergarde
  • Bellen Empire
  • The Morning Star
  • Dark Lensmen*
-Posted by The Majority Party

OOC InformationEdit

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