Odile Legli (n. Blancus)
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Odile
Faction Alliance
Race Human
Gender Female
Class Warrior
Guild League of Nethergarde
Professions Tribal Leatherworking
IC Info
Nicknames Odi
Title Personnel Officer
Age 30
Height 5' 3"
Hair White
Eyes Brown
Skin Tan
Alignment Neutral Good

Physical DescriptionEdit

Odile stands only a few inches over five feet, and is lean and well muscled. Her arms and legs, where visible, are lined with training scars. Odile is usually wearing dented and battered plate, draped over with the tabard of the League of Nethergarde. When relaxing, she dresses in soft linens and leathers, but is rarely seen out of her armour these days.

Odile wields Destiny, a greatsword almost as large as she is.


Odile is a relatively laid-back individual, cheerful and casual with her comrades. She rarely loses her temper, but can be moved to deep sarcasm by the folly of others.

Since the death of her husband, Odile's temper has gotten noticeably shorter and her sense of humour has been strained at the best of times.


Odile was raised on a small farm in Westfall, when the area was still the Alliance's breadbasket. Her life was fairly uneventful until the Burning Legion came to Azeroth for the second time when she was 22. Her father, along with most of Westfall's men and women, went to war with the rest of the Alliance. Odile and her mother stayed on their farm, tending their fields and livestock.

The Defias Brotherhood, led by Edwin Van Cleef, brought an end to Westfall's quiet way of life, and set Odile on the path of a warrior. She came to Northshire Abbey to start her training in the ways of battle, and for years sold her services as a mercenary until she was ready to challenge Van Cleef. The death of her mother when Odile was 29 due to age and dementia demoralised her enough to derail her quest for vengeance. She turned to her friend Elwren Legli for comfort, and eventually the two fell in love and were married. The relationship was rocky and argumentative at times, but the couple cared deeply for each other.

Earlier this year, Odile announced that she was pregnant. She and Elwren made plans to find an isolated area in which to raise their family, and bade goodbye to their friends and guildmates. A month after their departure, Odile returned to the Kingdom of Stormwind, alone. She has said that Elwren and the unnamed baby are dead, but has given no details, and questions on the subject are met with grim silence. Odile now throws herself into the workings of the League of Nethergarde, probably as a way of distracting herself from her grief.

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