Order of Nightfall

Basic InformationEdit

  • Guild Leader/Guild Master: Jaladen
  • Contact Person/Method: Jaladen, Lunare or Eildon, in-game or through Realm Mail. Email:
  • Recruiting Status: Open
  • RP "Newbie"- Friendly: Moderately. We will help novices get a feel for the world and to create a background for their characters as needed. Maturity is a must.


Nightfall is focused on the game from the Kaldorei perspective. We prize roleplay over raiding or collecting phat lewt - though we acknowledge that these are part of the overall experience.


Night Elf only at this time. Above 10th Level preferred for new members. All NE classes are welcome.

Raiding InterestEdit

Light. A small guild, Nightfall is interested in quality roleplayers. As membership grows, and characters mature, opportunities fir raids will improve. We encourage the kind of play that would make Nightfall guildmebers welcome in any raiding party outside the guild, however.

Other InfoEdit

Tabards are provided to members when they have passed a probationary period demonstrating compatibility. We prefer to be approached in an IC manner regarding membership. Guild website is under construction, and an email list and forums are supported.

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