Deep in the stacks of the library rests a book. The smooth cover could be made of black pearl, and the pages are thin sheets of deep purple. The object shimmers like a gem in your hands. Bizarre characters glow on the pages like fire when turned to the light, and burn just as bright when placed in shadow. The book begins on the first page—-naturally—-and, depending on your curiosity, you may find finely-written words there in an understandable tongue.

In dedication to my ambitious brother, Adalandier. May his death not be in vain.

Special acknowledgments to Veras Winvale and Kelith Vedan for inspiring me to delve into the study of existence, Kretan Moongazer and Archmage Kurimatsu for their accompaniment into the most perilous reaches of Azeroth, Norviere for showing me the importance of passing knowledge, and all those who have lived and died in the service of our world.

Additional Orcish, Common, Thalassian, and Gutterspeak editions available upon request.

Paradigma and Azeroth

--by Lilithia E. Emberfall

Guiding Light
Steeled Dark
The Two Shall Meet
The Power of the Titans
The Influence of Gods
Everyday Ascension
Looking the Gods in the Eye

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