Introduction Edit

Gospel Lightfaith is a roleplaying character on the Earthen Ring server of "World of Warcraft" ( She was established in December of 2005 and is steadily growing as an upstanding member of the roleplaying community.

Prophecy's Child: The Storyline Edit

"Prophecy's Child" has really grown in the last few months, I'm surprised to say. When I first started this project, I was expecting it to be a small Storyline that I played out with a few friends. Now, as of July 2008, I can proudly say that "Prophecy" has touched characters in about ten various guilds, and has grown to a respectable size as far as players involved. The Storyline itself has been a wild ride, but one that I (and hopefully all the participants) have truly enjoyed. It is my honor and my privilege to have brought this Storyline about, but moreso, to have had all the people involved that I have. Let's face it, without the rest of you, this Storyline would be no more than a mere story. ^_^

Cast of Characters Edit

In no particular order...

Cast of Guilds Edit

Prophecy's Child: The Story Archive Edit

Author's Note: For space and editing concerns, I have broken up each book of the Storyline into a separate ERwiki. Please follow the links below to continue reading the story.

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