Guild Leader/Guild Master:Edit


Guild Officers:Edit

Loiosh/Khat, Tallia/Shandora, Twaedo, Aamien, Aillea, Roman

Guild WebsiteEdit

Contact Person/Method:Edit

GM or Officers in game or via game mail, or via the website. Speak to any member and they can refer you to an officer. Recruiting Status: Open. Apply on the site or speak with an officer.

RP "Newbie"- Friendly:Edit

Yes, very. In guildchat rp is light to medium, and very comfortable. If you're interested in a little help, there are members who would be very happy to do so. We have a wide range of players - from those who do not roleplay, to those who do so quite heavily, with complex storylines and biographies. In general though, a roleplaying atmosphere is not forced upon guildchat.


Devoted solely to the betterment of our members, and to help them enjoy each other and the game. We're one big goofy family.


RP name, maturity, and a good sense of humor, mostly RL adults (but friendly to mature teens). Clean mature no-drama guild that supports both heavier and lighter playing schedules.

Raiding Interest:Edit

All (we're not a raid guild, but we enjoy raids).

Other Info:Edit

Taken from our website: Providence is a different guild. Our philosophy - Relationships build a guild. Our main purpose is to provide company, friendship, and fellowship for one another in our common causes. By taking care of others, we will be taken care of. We treat and give to each other unselflishly, and through giving, we are each taken care of.

We are a mature, clean, casual RP guild. We encourage RP in all general chats, though we keep a lighter guild chat. We like to run together, quest together, and will often travel continents just to be by one another's side. We have events both combat and RP related on a weekly or near-weekly basis.

We are a very laid back guild, with many different playstyles. Every person brings something different to the guild. Some are very light to no RP (but don't break RP either), some are very heavy RP, some like to pvp, some never have pvp'd, some are on every day, others pop in once a week or so. Still, we all manage to have fun, and each adds their own little bit to the family.

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