Knight-Lord Quellian Fancei du Ponce XXVII
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Quellian
Faction Horde
Race Blood Elf
Gender Male
Class Paladin
Guild The Calling
Professions Gemcutter, Golem Manufacturer
IC Info
Nicknames Mr. Fancypants
Title Knight-Lord, Baron, The Dragonslayer
Age 1337
Height 6'5"
Hair Fiery red
Eyes Green
Skin Reddish
Alignment Lawful Good

Physical DescriptionEdit

This Elf is prim, proper, and arrogant, even for a Blood Elf. His hair is immaculate, his teeth are polished to a mirror shine, and he wears the obscene little moustache and beard that practically screams "I'm rich, therefor I'm better than you." To back this up, however, he's usually carrying a small army's worth of weaponry, armour, and moustache wax. Curiously, his armour seems to be very old, and bears the insignia of the Alliance emblazoned on it. Yet still, despite it's age and wear, it still glimmers like the day it was forged. His shield bears a red eagle crest on it, and also seems to be worn and durable, both taken care of meticulously.



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