Revrend Artaues Zent's story comes in two folds, Past and Present.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Golden-red hair hangs bunched in a small ponytail, giving way to two small locks in the front. A well trimmed mustache is heartily placed upon his face, and his mouth is easy to break out into laughter. Cheery and well mannered, Revrend Zent dedicates his life to helping Stormwind, preaching the Light, and involving in community service.

Revrend young

The younger revrend, laughing away!


He can always be found either in the Church of Hope, or the Old Orphanage.

Brief HistoryEdit

Revrend Zent has always been just a man. Garbed in silken white robes, he bounces happily from place-to-place, spreading cheer and laughter.



Revrend Zent, preparing.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Balding, gray haired, and grim. Those three words are best described to the Revrend of Death, Artaues Zent. His face is plastered with open hate at the world around him, and armor adorns his various limbs. He carries a greatsword, easily wielded in one-hand, and a shield of enourmus proportions.


Tirisfall Glades harbors many cottages, one containing a deadly swordsman of the Scarlet Crusade.

Brief HistoryEdit

In the coming times of the third war, Revrend Zent had gone completely insane from solitude. Confined in the Stockades for raping a young lady known only as 'Emma', he spent his time growing more paranoid by the second. He now spends his days in the forests of Tiri'fall Glades.

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