Random Poetry

- by Wyst

count the leaves falling before me 
across the way I see the children play 
once again I ask 

Where am I 
Who am I 

Watching the rain fall on the dry land 
the wild things scurry for cover 
once again I wonder 

Why am I 
Where am I 

Sitting on the edge of the sea 
waves crashing at my feet 
once again I ponder 

Who was I 
Why was I 

Holding my hand out to the sun 
grace fallen but not forgotten 
once again I reply 

Where will I 
Why will I 

The hand that reaches out in the dead of night 
the cry that comes at the dawn of the day 
the sound you hear before it ends 
and the joy you feel as it begins 

It is all a circle we live in 
It is all the home we build 
It is still the life we live 
It is now that matters. 

Mark it 

Here it is again 
crashing over the world in fire 

Mark it 
Live it 

This will be the ending of our world 
This will begin the world of ending 
This is all the ending was said to be 

reaching for an abyss in the moment 
it moves beyond us 

Mark it 

Now we stand on tommarrow 
wondering what happened to yesterday 
greating a dawn we do not understand 

It will happen to you 
It will happen to your children 
It has happened to your parents, their parents, theirs.. 

Someday the world is not what you thought it was 
it is more 

someday life does not make sense 
and it is ok 

someday opens the mind to possiblity 
in possiblity we stumble looking for familar 
in familiar we stagnate 

Mark it 

It is comming , it will change everything , and leave it all the same

Sunrises over a landscape 

today it changed 

Sunlight across trees 
across the many streets 
they go about buisness as normal 

today it changed 

The sky so clear it is crystal 
the world so real it cracks 
and lays broken in front of me 

today it changed 

Breezes rustling the leaves 
the forest bends and turns 
dancing to a beat noone hears 
and still I know not why 

today it changed 

I am grasping , holding, tearing at the seams of my reality 
I break , bend , often repairing the threads left after my brutality 
I twist , turn , fight the chains of my normalicy 
I hide, cry, and bury myself in the shell of simplicity 
Yet nothing I do comforts 
nothing I do hides the fact 

today it changed 

It is a voice from the begining 
and a echo of the end 
the past meets present and becomes tommarrow 
even when we pray it says the same 
the facts add up to a new equation 
noone holds the keys needed 
we all embark on the new path 

today it changed 

Here I am 
Once again I scream at you 


will you hear it 
ignore it for useless drivel 
will you not feel for a moment 
for just a point in time 


It is not difficult to reach out 
be touched 
touch someone else 
keep the darkness from creeping closer 
leave the light on 


Living is change 
change is progress 
progress is the future 
and we are caught in moments 
only moments do we ever have 


Will you again ignore the words 
live the lives of pointless yearning 
never experiance feeling for the sake of it 
lock yourself in tight rooms 
with no doors, windows even lights 
living within or without matters not when your not alive 


for one thing more than yesterday 
to take that darkness away 
be free in the worlds created or imagined 
let go of the binding ties that are inflexible reality 

be free 

Her hands fall to her sides 
one more thing done 
one more burden to bear 

Her hands too cold to feel 
one more tale to tell 
one more broken thing 

Her hands once held everything 
so tight that not a grain escaped 
The world in her hands, and her hands could not take the strain 
Her hands once could fix anything 
no effort used to mend the hurt, hungry, helpless 
The lives in her hands, and her hands shattered under the stress 

Her hands fall to her sides 
one more life to take 
one more ending to complete 

Her hands too cold to feel 
one more dagger to place 
one more before she is done

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