Resharpening the Blade

- by Draaygo

'It has been too long since I have tasted the blood of my enemies,' Draygo thought to himself after departing Theramore through a mage portal. Far too long. The endless struggle against the Firelord and squashing of old foes on the battlegrounds had dulled the Undead Warrior's senses and direction. He had taken upon himself to find an abandoned cottage in the gloom of Tirisfal Glades to think things over, remembering a past that was long gone. His mind had strayed to what use to be, what could have been on the other side, why the vicious betrayal at Northrend. Those thoughts had shrouded his mind and fogged his sight for it pulled him away from what was now.

However, his torpor was interupted by two Forsaken Couriers who finally tracked him down, bearing sealed messages, one of them from the War Quarters. The first message was an update on the escalation of hostilities by the Alliance. They had decided that the shared region of the Plaguelands would be no more and had issued orders to claim the old Guard Towers. Interesting developments have also sprung up in Silithis where the Alliance were praying upon the Horde who were trying to collect their own resources for research and supplies. Lastly, there was a surge of new faction wide recruitment for the battlegrounds after the endless numbers of the Alliance have somehow grown even larger. The other message was from his old brethren requesting that, if possible, he joins them on a retaliation raid on the port city of Theramore. The changes in Azeroth had surprised Draygo but it also snapped him out of his lull. After grabbing his kit, the warrior departed from the cottage and headed back to civilization. No longer will he remain dormant while the Alliance attempts to impose their will on the Horde, for it is time to let the blood flow once more.

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