History Edit

A woman born to unknown parents in the Hillsbrad region, three hundred years before the Scourge's eruption in Lordaeron. Beyond records of her birth discovered in the ruins of Dalaran by surviving mages, little is known of her, save that she had three separate death marks on her record. It is written that at some point, two trials in close succession had been held to determine her fate.

A set of hastily written directions were also on her record, perhaps indicating where her body was supposed to have slept until the end of time. Mages followed the directions, apparently at orders from the survivors of the Kirin Tor, but they found only an empty casket, and snapped chains.

For those who know her... Edit

Appearance Edit

She is typically dressed in dessicated, threadbare dark red robes, with no apparent special properties. Her body is thin, worn, and pale; skinless, in some places. Her sunken face carries a set of glowing amber eyes that don't seem to be able to focus on anything. Her hair is rotting, thin, and straggled.

She wears a glowing staff across her back, the only remarkable object on her person, and she is never without a large purse hanging from a loose belt. It makes tinkling noises when she moves, as though it were holding the broken pieces of a window.

Mannerisms Edit

Rinnoa is never without her succubus or some order of demonic lifeform. Typically, these creatures will act abnormally intelligent, and in the succubus' case, even exhibit rudimentary forms of emotions that no infernal creature should have, including tenderness, gentility, and selfless satisfaction.

The warlock herself will occasionally, apparently at random, begin to channel the spirits and personalities of others. Documented occurances of this have been:

- An eight year old girl.
- An angry, rebellious human male.
- A jealous wife.

Motivations Edit

Although she seems unable to speak, or focus, or even think in every normal sense of the world, Rinnoa has been known to cast spells, engage in swordplay, and vampirically drain life, energy, and soul. The only real reason that has ever been put forth as to why her body will engage in these activities automatically is that she may be searching for something in another lifeform; something that will allow her to free herself of her present condition.

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